Healthy Skin – Salad Recipe | Dr Mona Vand

This video teaches you a simple, beautiful salad with amazing homemade salad dressing. All VERY easy and every single ingredient benefits your skin. Link to …

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  1. I can't believe fake Rawvana is your friend. Mona, you are absolutely amazing, but Rawvana is a fraud. She claimed to have been vegan and was caught eating fish. What a scandal! Plus, she is unscrupulous and does anything for money.

  2. No offense, but I really dont like Rawvana – I used to, but as it turned out, she is just really dishonest and was only profiting out of veganism… She never really got the principles of the lifestyle, and honestly, she has claimed herself that she wasnt feeling well or healthy at all — even though she insists on still selling her books (even though they apparently did not work for her)…
    I am not saying people do not have the right to change, thats definetely not up for me to decide… But her lack of integrity on how she has done it… that was just the end of it for me, and a lot of people…
    I wont watch any of her videos in the future, not because she is not vegan anymore, but because she is a person who, in my opinion, lacks character… Sorry!

  3. 1 Lemon, 2 tsp ACV, 1 inch knob grated ginger & turmeric, Cayenne pepper, pink salt, 10 grinds black pepper. Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, 1/2 avocado, sesame seeds.

  4. Dr Mona, you always an inspiring to me, today I decided to eat salad.. What comes first in my mind is.. I should check out your channel.. And then as expected.. Always great.. Thanks a lot.
    Love from India.

  5. Hi Dr. Mona: I am a beginner on plant base food. My problem is that I’m not a big salad eater and I’m trying to figure out how to eat plant base but not lose the Latino flavor I’m so use to cooking with. Any suggestions. Also I work full time and half the time I don’t eat because I can’t find any restaurants that are Healthy or plant base. Please help. I’m 51 and hoping to live a little longer feeling better instead of feeling lousy like I do now. Ty… love your videos. You are beautiful, love the information. Thank u for bringing on your friend I will follow her as well for exercise and nutrition tips.

  6. There’s an audio issue with Rawana’s mic. Dr. Mona is easily audible than Rawana.
    By the way I am a new Subscriber to both of yours channels and I am loving them both. 🤗 🤗

  7. You don't know nothing about human animals food .Mushrooms are toxic food .Vinegar is toxic drink, Greenery vegetables need to be eaten fresh. You are fake or low IQ doctor.

  8. On the topic of caring for your skin I have recently been experimenting with making my own version of Sweet Sweat where I start with coconut oil and add a goodly amount of Cayenne pepper a dash of vitamin C and a dash of vitamin D3. I apply a hearty amount all over my skin paying special attention to the lymph gland Areas just before my workout sessions to promote the maximum amount of sweating while also stimulating the lymph system and moisturizing the skin. Note that it also works as an indicator that you are targeting a specific muscle as the muscle that is targeted becomes quite warm. Sometimes like when working shoulders you might even feel the heat in your abs. Anyway just a little trick I thought you might be interested in.

  9. With all due respect to you Mona, I can't stand rawvana anymore. It is not coming to know that she is not vegan raw anymore but it is how she had to make a video after she was caught. We all get it that people experiment but her selling her products and now her husband's alkaline water products, she is a fake con master that has pissed lot of people.

    Mona, please never ever get Rawvana back ever on your channel. It is her lies and deceit that has pissed all her followers.

  10. Hi dr mona…i watched. all yr vedioes …I live in ottawa..I like to be healthy and do all my best to eat healthy food as i can…my question isabout tomatoes with cucumber in salad ..I heard in youtube that not good to put them together in salad that tru?plz answer me..I love you ..thanks a lot…Alaa

  11. THANK YOU for that collagen discussion. This whole notion that "collagen is in your skin and it's good, so eat it and your body will make more" is such an oversimplification. Eat whole foods with the nutrients that your body uses for the building blocks of collagen!!!! <3

  12. I live in south Texas, so it was nice to see someone slice an avocado correctly; in the shell. As I've seen so many food videos online where they do it the hard way.

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