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Healthy Pumpkin Pancake Recipe | Vegan + Gluten Free

These easy, family-friendly Pumpkin Pancakes are dairy free, egg free, and gluten free. Essentially they are 100% vegan and make for a healthy and delicious …

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  1. Two thumbs down. Way too dry, not so much as a batter as it was a paste. I made one variation from the recipe adding a little nutmeg. I wish there were more comments from people who actually tried making them instead of the "can't wait to try these" or "these look awesome" or "I love your videos". Sadly, it happens on all the cooking channels.

  2. I was so excited to try this recipe. Unfortunately, the batter came out so thick like (dog poop 💩).
    I followed all the directions exactly. I blended in a NUTRIBULLET. I had to throw the batter out. This was way to thick to mix. TRIED BLENDING EITH S HAND BLENDER after nutribullet. Where did this go wrong? Love your channel ♥️

  3. I just made these and they came out terrible.
    1st) The batter after you blend it is so super thick that it's a struggle to get out of the blender without wasting half of it.
    2nd) I had to add just a bit more almond milk after transferring what I could to the measuring cup because it was way to thick.
    3rd) I followed the suggestion to keep the low heat, about a 3 and I let them slow cook for a while until they were a deep brown color in the outside.
    4th) I cut into one and they were gummy still. I've about given up trying to find a good Vegan, Gluten free pancake recipe. I've tried tons of recipies on YouTube and all turn out the same. I hate wasting expensive ingredients.

  4. Я попробовала, но у меня не получилось. У нас нет тыквенного пюре. Я его делала сама. Первый блин комом. И в то же время вкус обалденный, так что буду пробовать ещё раз.

  5. This is so easy and yummy.

    I added more liquid and seperated the egg white (to be added later after whipping into the mixture). The result was fluffy, burst with pumpkin flavour with bites of oatmeal when chewing.

  6. You should try making a maple bacon pancake! So good! you will love it! use whole milk, whole egg, oatmeal, add maple syrup to it, then as you cook the pancake, piece up a strip of bacon on top of the pancake and once you flip it over, you can smell the aroma of the maple and bacon cooking, add a little nutmeg to it. perfect.

  7. I would love to use Oat flour but it would be less than the one cup of oats. I found the batter to be a little dry so added a little more almond milk. Mine turned out more like a fritter cause my batter wasn’t as smooth or ‘runny’ so to speak. That’s why I would have preferred the Oat flour. Nonetheless, they were delicious, hearty and tasted like a cookie.

  8. I’m a vegan, so I really appreciate you doing a vegan version of this recipe. I’m planning on trying these for breakfast today, can’t wait to see how they turn out!

  9. Just made these and they came out horrible =( the batter was very doughy I struggled very hard to put them into the pan because they were too thick and sticking. And after completion the taste was very bland. I followed all the directions what did I do wrong ? =

  10. This came out way too dry. The second time I tried it, I added 3/4 cup water. I think I'll try your previous suggestion to use spelt flour next time because mine were not light and fluffy.

  11. Love your video and your presentation… Lovely I would like to make when I have time weekend I already subscribed to your channel.. But in india few things are hard to find in grocery

  12. I tired this recipe three times and it is amazing! Best vegan no flour pancakes! The third time making them, I took out the maple syrup from the recipe and I used pumpkin and banana. It was absolutely delicious! Thank you for the video

  13. These did not work at all for me. They were too clumpy and thick and not cook well. I followed instructions, but perhaps my blender isn't up to snuff because it was a pain to work with this thick sticky batter

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