Healthy No-Bake BROWNIES (Vegan, Gluten Free) – Hot Chocolate Hits

Satisfy that sugar craving with this recipe for guilt free no-bake brownies. FULL PRINTABLE RECIPE: …

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  2. I just made this and I love it. It won't last more than 2 hours that's for sure but I will definitely make this again soon.
    The only thing I didn't like is that it was pretty sticky, I did add some splashes of almond milk cause it didn't look like yours did but I think it still would be pretty sticky if I didn't add milk. Maybe I'll try less dates the next time

  3. I like this recipe, i was going to make watching another video but this one got that extra touch which is chocolate gnash so now i will follow this recipe.

  4. Mine never came together 😐 so I packed it in a pan using a spoon. It's definitely tasty and healthy, but takes longer than you'd think to make it. Also, the chocolate ganache is too oily! I won't add that next time that I make this.

  5. welp..way too much salt. I wasted all those expensive ingredients lol. The video says 1 tsp but don’t put that much, frankly don’t put any salt. time to throw it away and face my moms wrath 😂

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