Healthy Mug Cake – 4 ways (gluten free, paleo, keto, low carb)

Healthy Mug Cake Recipes: For quick fix of those sweet cravings try these healthy desserts in a mug.

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  1. I tried the chocolate mug cake but I used oat flour instead of coconut one, butter instead of vegetable oil and honey instead of maple syrup and it turned out fabulous even can't describe it with words !!!!
    Thanx for sharing these recipes with us ❤
    It is really helpful as I decided to cut the sugar and to start a healthier diet that I maintain through my life

  2. Tried the chocolate one. Instead of cocounut Milk I used soy, Instead of oil I added 2 extra tablesppons of soy Milk, added honey instead of maple. I also added Nutella instead of chocolate chips and it was really good thanks.

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