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Healthy Garlic Parmesan Chicken Recipe with Cucumber Salad | Cook With Me| Date Night

In this video I share a healthy, delicious & nutritious Garlic Parmesan Chicken recipe with an easy cucumber salad recipe. This dish helped me to lose 55lbs on …

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  1. You are definitely an inspiration to me. Please keep doing what you're doing. Your personality is amazing and i can watch your videos over and over. Im learning a lots of things from you. Such as cooking. Shopping, date nights in the home and many. Thank you πŸ’•πŸ™

  2. πŸ˜‚ "i cook with the Holy Spirit" – i love it!! Keep up the great work on your journey. You are such an postivite light and inspiration. I'm excited to see you your meet your goal.

  3. Monique you're doing a wonderful job. Cooking with love. Please open your heart I just wanted to give a suggestion: if you want to add avocado oil to your cooking because it can withstand high heat and not go rancid while you're cooking.

  4. I ran into your channel and I love your vibe. You are most definitely motivating to me as I am just beginning mines once more. I would love if you would find my page on Facebook called inspire me! And like and post helpful recipes and pictures of what you may have. I will continue to tune in to your channel and receive helpful tips you freely give. Thank you

  5. Hello Monique, I'm new to your channel. I come across your video about how you got started on your journey. I just discovered a hernia in my stomach and went the doctor. He don't feel its a good idea because of my weight. I was already trying to work on it, but like yo said in the video you have a lot more life to live. I cant wait until I had reached just 20 lbs and to see the weight coming off. I want to see if I can really get 200lbs down. Thank you for sharing your journey. I love your videos

  6. Gurlll….mate you showing me how to cook!! Thanks and yes ma'am. You can do this it… it is matter of my meaning you matter so therefore you have to get your mind right. Always remember your why

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