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Healthy Breakfast Ideas | Vegan & Vegetarian #FitFriday

These breakfasts are delicious, fast and easy to make, and very healthy! Vegetarian & Vegan friendly! Want to see more FitFriday videos? Watch here …

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  1. I really love the way you reacted on eating your food! =) I was like, okay,now I have to try those recipes, haha.
    I just found out about your channel, and i wanted to say i really like your natural way of talking. Btw, You look really beautiful in the video!

  2. I've been making juices with my ninja blender and a nut milk or brewers grain bag. It's a bit messier, but I don't have the counter space for a juicer too. I just clean the fruit/veg and chop it roughly then blend it all up. Pour it into the nut milk bag and squeeze the juice out into a container/bowl.

  3. Thanks for sharing your idea, I know that consuming that much chia is also bad, try to find out the right amount of chia that is ok for your body and digest system because chia can really damage it.

  4. Is there a particular reason you juice and not blend the fruids and veggies for the morning juice?
    I used to jiuce a lot but then I was sad about all the good stuff that was wasted so I switched to the blender. I just never be able to drink it all up now 😉

  5. Ich hab jetzt alles zusammen für den Chia Pudding aber ich scheitere an den Umrechnungen. 1 Cup in Gramm umzuwandeln kann ja um bis zu 100g variieren.. Je nachdem wie schwer das Zeug ist. Ich hab auch nirgends so Cup und Tablespoon measurement Dinger bekommen. Kannst du die Einheiten in Gramm und Milliliter auch angeben? Bittedanke! 🙂

  6. I've made the chocolate chia pudding before, but I add a little bit of mint extract to it because chocolate-mint is my favorite flavor combination.

  7. I love your fit videos and I always look forward to them! I am definitely going to try the musli & the muffins, they both look so yummy! I feel hungry now, I might have to find my juicer and start using it! X

  8. Thank you SO much for this video! I always skip out on breakfast because I find that it's the hardest meal to get inspiration from, but now I'm really excited to try these recipes. 


  9. These are great Julia! I pinned it to my vegan/veggie food board. I'd love to see some lunch ideas that could be packed for school or work. We're pescatarian, and I've run out of easy ideas my middle school daughter could pack. She can cook.

  10. I was on a cruise recently and they had muesli at the breakfast buffet. It became my go to breakfast, mixed with yogurt and fruit. So delicious and filling! As far as juicing goes, I like to juice certain fruits and veggies then mix them into a smoothie. Mostly because I like to add banana and that doesn't juice well haha. I was turned onto chia pudding with a tropical recipe using coconut milk, a little sweetener, cinnamon and fresh mango. You should try it, it's so good. Great video and great ideas, I really need to try the egg muffins!

  11. Julia, I have been watching your videos for about 6 years I always try your recepies, but girl! The Muesli its soooo delicious, like sweet and sour candy my kids said! We all loved it. Even my husband who hates oatmeal! Thank you sooo much for sharing this. Will try the chocolate chia😋. Please continue to share with us! Congratulations on the great life you have created for your self. All the best to you from Sacramento CA

  12. "I'm going to add a dash of cinnamon"

    dumps loads of cinnamon

    "And just a touch of salt"

    pours salt

    Lol might be a little exaggerated but that just made me laugh. Awesome recipes. I'm gonna try it

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