Breakfast Ideas

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Family

I share what we eat in a week to give you some healthy breakfast ideas for family. We like to keep our menu pretty simple and basic. Get access to my subscriber …

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  1. Hi Lisa! I’m new in your community! Your voice and your video are make me feel so calm of the day! I’ve seen many of your videos (maybe 30+) You’re truly beautiful inside and out, and talented. Great mom and great wife! Please continue making more videos! I really love your lifestyle! You make me feel more positive to live a beautiful and healthy life!

  2. Thank you for sharing your sweet, wholesome life with us! I am nearing retirement age and am learning many new things from your videos. I feel that I’m ready to make some changes and am learning from you how to live minimally and some new ways to organize my life and home. I think it is an amazing gift to your children to have a video history of your lives together for them to share someday with their families. My husband and I live in a 230 year old farmhouse in the Shenandoah valley, and I’m getting a lot of ideas from you for decorating it. I’m looking forward to making sourdough starter and a lot of your recipes. You are a wonderful teacher!

  3. I look up to so much! We are praying and saving for one day to own a house on some acres. But this is what I dream for. Your and your family are very blessed and makes me happy to see how much you put in to your family! God bless you!

  4. We just LOVE your videos so much, you are doing such a GREAT job!! So sharp, clearly done, and simply sweet. Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing these great breakfast ideas! Also love love love that you are soaking your grains, we recently discovered the importance of this and it is so nice to see that others are doing it as well! Can't wait to see more of these kinds of videos 😀

  5. I am loving your chanel! Something I would love to see along with your what you make in a week videos is something like a what you make in a month. For example if I were to make sour kraut, keifer, broth in batches what schedule do you make this one to make it more of a rotation or whatever? Like how to make in bulk to stock and use up for a month. Maybe you don’t cook that way maybe you just make it when you run out of those things just curious how you do it. Or I would just be curious on the practicality level how often you make those things like in a more scheduled way? Not sure if that makes sence but I would find this helpful. Because when I think of all the things i’d like to make from scratch it seems overwhelming. Like for-example the what you cook in a week videos are GREAT but I’m thinking how does she find the time in all that cooking to make the keifer and sour kraut!!! Any tips would be great or maybe youve done it already…?

  6. I dont know why I teared up. This just makes me so happy because it's simple and that what life should be like. We stress over so much unnecessary things…. when it could all be so simple. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love these! Very similar to how I grew up. We ate what we called “yeast eggs” almost every morning (an omelette of eggs, nutritional yeast, and a splash of milk), cooked up in the iron skillet and served with green salsa and corn tortillas.

    I just discovered you and am enjoying watching through several videos. Thank you!

  8. In your experience, how long can bananas be frozen for and still stay good? I looked it up not long ago and I think it said only a few months, which seems strange to me given how long other fruit can be frozen.

  9. Thanks for the video! The oatmeal dish looks interesting. I hate eating the same thing over and over and whenever I look up breakfast meals, they are always very sugary. Thanks for the new healthy ideas.

  10. Please everyone I beg you join the NO PLASTIC STRAWS MOVEMENT.. Sea turtles get those stuck in their noses etc. It’s sad TRY TO REDUCE THE USE OF PLASTIC Let’s show some respect to the nature

  11. I love these videos! I made the baked oatmeal this morning with blender raw applesauce, since I am allergic to sweet potatoes, and it turned out great. I did have a less viscous batter a bit more the concistancy of muffin batter, which gives me the idea of baking it in my muffin stone pan amd freezing them for individual servings later. Thank you for sharing another great simple recipe!

  12. Hi there! I've only ever soaked oats in the fridge. Would you mind explaining the reason soaking in dairy is safe overnight at room temp? I have had food poisoning twice from dairy so I'm so terrified haha. Would it still work if I soaked in the fridge? Thanks!

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