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Healthy Back to School Lunches and Snacks | Easy Recipes 🍎

Here are a few healthy back to school lunches and snacks you can make in the comfort of your home! I share with you some of my favorite food recipes (and …

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  1. ahh tysm for this video!!!! since school has started, i don’t really have time to think about what healthy options there are for me to eat, so i opt for the instant stuff. i’ll definitely try these out and add some of these things to my grocery list. again, thank you 💜💜!!

  2. Such yummy ideas!!!! Also, I like to make the quesadillas too but I warm up lentils with taco seasoning in a pan instead of cauliflower. Your recipe looked so yummy though I’m going to try cauliflower next time!

  3. I used to watch your videos a lot and I would watch everyone of them, but then I stopped. I don’t really know why. Your videos have always made me feel so accepted and when I heard your intro music it took me back to a place of peace and happiness. Thank you for doing what you do because it has helped me in ways that are indescribably significant. Thank you ✨

  4. hi! i just found ur channel and i honestly find it so inspirational!! i’m going into gr 10 and you’ve inspired me to get up earlier before school to workout and start my day right. thank you so much you’ve honestly inspired me to be a better person physically, mentally and spiritually so much!!💓

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