Easy Snacks

Healthy and Easy SNACKS | low cal & tasty *weight loss*

hey my loves, hope you are healthy and safe! bringing you some of my go-to and fave healthy snacks! Including macros on the screen and in my usual meal …

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  1. Just found you and subscribed. I think your recipes are low budget or you use all the ingredients I use regularly so I’m looking forward to checking out all your videos, thank you.

  2. Girl these recipes are delicious!!! I was just wondering how do you use the egg yolks in your recipes, cause I kinda have no idea how to use them? 💕😊

  3. Love these ideas so much! 100% going to try all of them. they look amazing and so satisfying compared to some healthy snack ideas such as apple and almond butter or some plain yogurt and fruit! So thankyou xxxx

  4. I am definitely going to try to do the savory recipe with vegan chicken. could you maybe do a vegan/vegetarian snack video? loved the ideas though ❤️ love you

  5. These look amazinggg !! 😍btw can you do video where you show healthy/ low calorie store bought snacks since most of these videos are based in the US 😢

  6. Yes girl!! This is exactly what I needed at the minute after getting through the majority of the food in my fridge in one day, your videos keep me going! Stay safe ❤️

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