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Healthy and Easy COOKIE DOUGH Bars low cal, high protein *weight loss*

My NEW RECIPE COOKBOOK (all UNDER 330 cals): Hellooo hi! Hope you are healthy and safe! bringing you THE tastiest cookie dough …

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  1. Uh, these are amazing! and I don't mean just for a healthy snack, they are my new favourite sweet treat, seriously though I can't stop eating them haaaaa thanx Olivia!

  2. I just made the cookies. They tasted really nice, nevertheless, the peanut butter (I used the same one as the one in the video) gives a very strong taste to it. (I like it), but if you want to feel more "chocolate" I would recommend not to add or add less than the amount suggested. Thanks for the videooo!!!!

  3. Just made these and they're ridiculously good. I used sugar-free maple-flavoured syrup instead of honey but they still won't last long. Thanks for the recipe and I'll definitely be checking out some more.

  4. Love your channel. I’m baking loads too, so glad I found your channel for low calorie treats. I too have a very sweet tooth. Thanks for sharing

  5. I love love your videos and recipes ❤️ I’ve tried most of them they taste so good and most importantly guilt free and keeps me track. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  6. No kidding Olivia, I made these last night for dessert and ate half of it then the rest for today’s breakie. I’m currently making MORE right now. Probably ALL be dessert. I definitely will be buying your e-book if it contains more desserts like this 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 also, I subbed chocolate for orange choc shot and crunchy peanut butter and it was amazing and I made my vegan by adding sweetener and more oat milk to mine

  7. Olivia, replying back to your message as to how I got on making the cookie dough bars, well what can I say…. DELISH! I used cinnamon danish myprotein powder, toffee flav drops. I didn't have chocolate so I used choc shot which was still nice. Thanks again for the recipe. Next time Olivia try it with the cinnamon danish really nice ☺💖😄.

  8. Love love your cooking videos!!! I love your content on Instagram too😊. Is the cookies and cream protein good and what is the peanut butter like?? Just wondering as I want to order some so I’m able to cook some of these recipes!!! keep it up as I’m loving your content. 💕💕

  9. i love this!! cant wait to try it. Also, as you mentioned youre on a cutting diet, can you please tell us how many calories you are consuming, what youre macros are and you’re desired weight goal?

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