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Healthy ALDI Grocery Haul – Shopping For Lunch & Making Recipes!

We’re back at ALDI shopping for healthy ingredients to make a quick and easy lunch salad. First we will pick out some of my favorite groceries at ALDI, then we …

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  1. Bobby, I hope you read this, because I have a sincere request. Could you make a "Bobby Approved" section on your website? My wife and I found your channel and we realized our horrible choices for so many years in what we eat daily. Can you please make this happen?!

  2. Where's the link to buy the splatter guard Bobby!?!? I didn't see it in the description… I'm definitely trying this recipe too btw. I was glad to know about buying the Organic chicken at Aldis. I was planning on buying all my meats from Thrive but I'm glad the chicken is one thing I dont have to now!

  3. Can't believe he is still making these videos. He obviously doesn't care enough to stop making these videos, he's risking his baby's life going out in public filming these videos.

  4. Hello, I am a relatively new viewer. I just subscribed to your channel. I do have a question. I found a product I'm interested in but was wondering about any insight. It's nutiva organic. Coconut oil with a buttery flavor. It has organic expellar pressed refined coconut oil, a vegan butter flavor blend, and unrefined red palm oil for the ingredients. Any thoughts? I can provide a link to it on Amazon if needed. Thank you

  5. Pls stop filming during this tragic time at grocery stores. Ppl want to be in and out. Not have someone annoying in their way filming. There are temperoary morgues in NYC set on the street and central park. Stick to cooking for now.

  6. Hi, Bobby! Great video, as always. I was thinking that instead of buying sugar filled raisins, you could make your own sugar-free craisins (dehydrated cranberries). There are a lot of recipes on the internet for them using monk fruit or erythritol. I am sure your followers would like to see this. I make these and keep a batch in my freezer for various recipes. They would be good for Rose, too (no sugar).

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