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HEALTHY 1-MINUTE SNACK IDEAS | quick, easy snacks

Last week I shared 5 healthy snack ideas, and today I’m taking it up a notch with some of my favourite 1-MINUTE SNACKS 🙂 These are all super healthy and …

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  1. 1. banana cinnamon rice cakes
    2. chocolate hemp milk
    3. pecan stuffed dates
    4. apple pie bites
    5. fruit + nuts
    6. avocado and seasalt
    7. tuna dijon bites

    thank me later <3

  2. For anyone who’s super lazy, ères a 10 second snack. Literally frozen corn. It’s so good – I just pour it into a bowl and eat it. For a meal I usually use fresh corn but snacking (and I’m a binge eater) frozen corn is great

  3. Thank you Meghan I am going to try this, I am always looking for healthier snacks for my family and although different I ready to try. Also I was looking to speak to a holistic person who can guide my body back to a healthy state

  4. Hi Meghan! Thank you so much for the snack ideas, it's very helpful! I was thinking, would you consider doing a video (if you haven't already) about eating healthy on a budget? Like tips on healthy, cheap meals and planning your meals and stuff like that. I'm very bad at it and I spend way too much on food in general. I really want to be better at planning so I can live cheaper and throw away less, but at the same time be healthy. I feel like you would have a lot of insight on this topic and I enjoy all of your videos and tips ❤️

  5. So glad to see the date/pecan combo make an appearance here!😆 for those of us who watch your channel, we know this a favourite of yours! It is lovely too! Some great other ideas here, looking forward to trying them 😋xxx

  6. Love these snack ideas! I always resort to crap for snacks because it’s fast and easy but I forget how easy some healthy snacks can be. I need easy! And cheap! Keep the ideas coming! I still like a snack I had as a kid – Ants On A Log ☺️. It’s celery with peanut butter, topped with raisins. Good stuff. Eating healthy really can be easy it’s just a matter of knowing what to put together. I need to make a list of healthy snacks and put them on my fridge so that I can always see them. Out of sight out of mind for me 😜

  7. Yum! these all look good! I always put nut butter on apples..kinda like a caramel apple. I must try the dates with pecans. Thanks for all the suggestions 😉

  8. I love this video! Perfect for helping me determine what to grab at the grocery tomorrow! One of my favorite snacks ever is slices of cucumber with just a tiny tiny bit of cream cheese and a sprinkle of fresh dill <3

  9. Love these ideas so much. I never have trouble eating healthy at meal times. But, when it comes to snacking, I can never think of anything. I'll be using these ideas👍 I will say, I am a "use a date as a spoon to scoop peanut butter out of the jar" girl!

  10. Love it! In the most respectful way I also love that you are not vegan. I love many vegan vloggers but it doesn’t work for my body. Paleo is my favourite way to eat so I love all your snack ideas. Rice products work for me too so I will try some cakes soon. I like to make little sandwiches with super dark chocolate, nut butter of choice, a date and sprinkle of cinnamon or cardamom. ❤️😍🙏

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