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Ground Beef Philly Cheese Sandwiches

Hello…. This Video is about some Quick and Easy Sandwiches I made. They are Called Ground Beef Philly Cheese Sandwiches. Check out my Video for More …

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  1. I had always been a provolone cheese guy for PCS sammiches thinkin it was a real cheese vs. cheese whiz…some fake liquid cheese……a few years ago, I ran into the South Philly Food Truck in LA and the guys on that truck advised me to get it "wiz wit". Boy were they right, cheese whiz adds so much more flavor than provolone does, so now if its on the menu, it's definitely gonna be the whiz for me haha…thanks for the vid, I will be trying this soon!

  2. This was sooo Bomb!! Yummy!!…You should get a george forman grill….they are the best when it comes to valveeta grilled cheese, same concept as urs and the grill does both sides of sandwhich at once!

  3. Nice video. I make it all in one cast iron skillet – start with the vegetables, add in the beef and fry up until golden brown, then melt the chees over the meat and veggies. Then build the sandwiches and saute in the same pan. Much less to clean up that way, lol. Either way they are delicious.

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