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Sharing a grocery store haul and my extremely easy, simple, and healthy family meal plan for a family of four on a budget of $125 (or $500 a month budget).

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  1. Here in Australia for a family of 2 adults, 3 kids we spend around $300 per week, which is around $200 US dollars. I do around 3 trips a week for fresh fruit, bread and milk (we eat a lot of fruit)

  2. Love all your videos. Still new but trying to binge them all. haha Love the quote at the end. Thought I'd share my favorite quote “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” – Zen Shin.

  3. I mean who doesn’t love olives on their pizza ????????‍♀️ ????I’m with u Brianna ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️ lemon meringue yoghurt sounds great 2 me. Broccoli is so good ???????? I love a grilled cheese also ???????????? and sometimes I add some spring onions. I would love more of these videos

  4. Nice grocery haul, really… but… wow! soooo much plastic! :O
    I saw that you use enviroment friendly products (Method), so it is very strange to see that amount of plastic on the counter. I know it is not easy to shop in the US without it, but at least grocery bags… please!

  5. I love your recipes! Still wondering why not all your groceries are organic, or at least your veggies and fruit are not organic. Are they not available in your area?

  6. I live alone and I spend $100CAN each week on groceries + shampoo and stuff + cleaning things and when my boyfriend is home every second week we spend $250 on our individual groceries + groceries for the weekend while he’s home!

  7. I still get that chicken soup from when you talked about it a long time ago. If your ever in a pinch you can dump it over chicken in the crockpot and serve it over rice!

  8. Your channel has become my favorite. I would love to hear more about your transition from working in the corporate world and running your business to working from home.

  9. Hi , I truly enjoy your show ! I noticed you love to decorate too. I been doing all my life .We have similar taste. I LOVE AND FOLLOW FURGAL FIT MOM. You should look her up .thanks for sharing .

  10. yea for Giant Eagle 😉 I'm from Pittsburgh – sorry, binge watching your videos so if I'm commenting a lot, so sorry!! haha My budget for groceries tends to be a lot but we never eat out (well except for tonight we ordered pizza for the first time in over a month or so). We also buy A LOT of grass-fed beef, organic chicken, wild salmon, and organic fruits & veggies. I do buy some of the things you are showing too (we love that taco seasoning too). I usually spend around $250-$300 a week, depending. I also shop Costco (one – two times a month) and trader joes and Whole Foods here and there. I used to be so good at coupling and budgeting and I need to get back to it – mainly, I just need to stay out of the store hahahaha my upright freezer is awesome though!! Worth the investment – now to find a video on how to organize it….

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