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Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Guide To Quick & Easy Dinners | Ultimate Cookery Course

Gordon shows off his favourite quick and easy TV dinners. #GordonRamsay #Cooking Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit …

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  1. Who has leeks just laying around.🤷or that other name of whatever that was.

    But imma try to cook this…

    Watches rest of the video;
    I'm.Never gonna find these things he's talking about.

  2. Quarantine Feels…
    – Simple ingredients you already have –
    ~ I’m watching people eat so I don’t forget how bro!
    ~We don’t have food! What is food anyways? And when did it come out?

  3. It is nice to see that Gordon is starting to understand the difference between his clients at his restaurants and the home cooks who love him online. Truffles and leftover lamb aren't our idea of cheap meals, but this video, (and others I've seen from him recently,) showcased recipes which people of more modest means can enjoy. Most of them could even be adapted for people on a very tight budget with some minor substitutions. Well done, Chef. These recipes were affordable, vibrant, and undoubtedly delicious. Keep it up!

  4. To do all the cooking in the time that he says one have to practice and also have everything available ,not having all the ingredients it won’t be easy to do all that

  5. I wish I could cook like this but my husband is so picky he doesn't eat any veggies except for potato and grilled corn 😒

  6. If I'd been the person who won the billion dollar Powerball lottery I'd pay whatever it took to have Gordon Ramsay as my personal chef ❤ Yeah, it's a dream of mine 🤣 Oh yeah, I'd also move around just to make it easier for him…😁

  7. He thinks too highly of me. I eat toast and string cheese and canned baked beans. I haven't seen a vegetable in a month, excepting pictures online.

  8. He’s out of touch with normal home cooks. Nice to watch him and once in a while you get something. I got recently his sweet and sour peppers and I love it with pork and chicken

  9. I love when he says a couple of Tb spoons of cream and he puts in at least a cup. You cant follow him you need a direction on amounts the first time then you adjust.

  10. Honestly for those complaining and asking wtf a leek is if that's you courses and meals taught to you for free by a world class chef are not made for you.

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