Gordon Ramsay's Top Dessert Recipes

Deliciously simple dessert dishes. Add The F Word on Facebook: To find out more about Gordon Ramsay visit: …

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  1. What people never appreciate is how brainy this fucker is. To be able to remember so many recipes in his head and be able to make them years later is a super computer brain. I cannot even remember how to boil the kettle without a you tube video to show me how.

  2. Man everyone here trashing on the cameraman. It's the editor who made this garbled mess that I can drool in pleasure but instead ache in seizures from all these one shots

  3. I swear to god the cameraman is zooming way too close, there needs to be a middle ground between far and way too close, at least zoom when it’s necessary! It’s like I’m watching an astronomer with a telescope zooming into the fucking sun, you can’t see what the fuck you’re supposed to be observing because it’s burning your fucking eyes.

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