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Gluten Free Sponge Cake

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  1. YES, NO BAKING POWDER NEEDED!!! I will stop experimenting this gluten free sponge cake any further. This is the best result I can get so far. The ingredients of this recipe stay what it is. Don’t ask me for any substitute, or whether you may change the ingredients. It is what it is at this stage. You are welcome to take this recipe and experiment it further on your own and take it to another level. I won’t experiment or make anymore gluten free recipes, unless this video hit 500 000 views. Consider the amount of time, work and money I spend on this experiment. If you think you know better or saw a better version of this gluten free sponge, I am really happy for you and you are not obligated to stay and watch this video. Be grateful, show some respect and manners before commenting. Be a better version of yourself. I wish you all the luck and success.

  2. I just followed this exact recipe! Except I made it dairy free by substituting the milk with soy milk, and I also used Mochiko sweet rice flour instead of normal rice flour. It turned out AMAZIIIING thank you Michael for this recipe! I made this for my mother who can’t have gluten or dairy. This video is literally perfect

  3. This turned out amazing! I was skeptical … but this works. I followed this recipe to the t. Make it guys. This will be my go to sponge cake now. So easy to make

  4. I recently tried this recipe, and it's wonderful. The sponge is light, aromatic and has a nice bounce. Well done Chef Lim, and thank you for sharing.

  5. thank you you for sharing your experiments and creativity! I am making this today, on my birthday, which I am spending alone during social distancing and lockdown. I appreciate being able to make something with so little ingredients. I will cover it in cream and strawberries, to make it more festive 🙂

  6. I Am From Indonesia n i really Luv IT as My Grand Daughter cant take flour so This is the exact receipe i was looking For , You r so patient tO Show step By step method . Thanksgiving a edar , i appreciate of You CLS Show sore gluten free Cookies recipes , thanks a lot

  7. This is a great recipe👍 I made this twice with adding cocoa powder(25g). It came out so wonderful!! I’ll try the other flavour like green tea or fruity. I am sure they are going to be wonderful too. Thanks for sharing this fabulous recipe🥰

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