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Gluten Free Pasta Recipe

Once you discover how easy and delicious it is to make home made gluten free pasta from scratch you will never go back to store bought ever again. Full recipe …

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  1. My pasta machine is packed. Tried to findthe box it is in, stilllooking. ut made this androlled out for wide noodles. These are great. Thanks! Do you know if you can use the noodles in something like tuna noodle casserole? Wondering ifthey will hold up while baking.

  2. I have got to get me a pasta machine to make GF noodles! I used to eat homemade pasta noodles at a friendโ€™s house when I was a girl. It was a family activity, just as you suggested. I still remember how good those oodles of noodles were. Thanks for another great video!

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