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Gluten Free Almond cake / 4 ingredient Almond cake / Asheescookbook

One of the easiest gluten free , soft,moist cake prepared with less ingredients…mildly sweet best to have with a cup of tea…. its so soft and fluffy that you wont …

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  1. I modify the recipe with 1/4 cup of maple syrup (same measurement) and i find it too sweet and too moist. I think 1/8 cup would be better. I also add a tiny pinch of baking soda to make it rice better since it's more liquidy

  2. Great recipe! Thank you for sharing. But I think you meant 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. I put 1 tablespoon of it like your recipe stated and it’s way too much vanilla extract. It’s all I can taste and very overpowering.

  3. It's in the oven as the write this!! House smells good. i added a bit of lemon zest….I saw the oranges on your video and couldn't decide to use orange or lemon zest!!

  4. Thank you for making this video and sharing the recipe! I just made it and it’s delicious! This will go into my regular baking list!

  5. I’m made it and it’s so delicious but my didn’t rise , i’ d like to know the reason why it didn’t. It was flat.when can I have your answer for my question?

  6. I just made this and it's delicious!!! I didn't have almonds but I did have walnuts. I added it into the batter. Thank you for this recipe!

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