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Garlic Naan | Homemade Naan Without Yeast & Tandoor Or Oven | Easy & Quick Naan Recipe on Tawa

Watch how to make ‘Garlic Naan’, a very easy to make recipe by chef Kanak. In this recipe Kanak will be showing you how to make quick, easy and delicious …

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  1. My Naan did not stick to to the Tawa. So after baking the base i Put it into an Oven and It came out very crisp. I also added Onions and Green Chillies on top with Coriander leaves to make Onion Chilly Naan

  2. its 1 am here in UAE i keep on searching on how to make naan in youtube, some are in hindi language and i cant understand good thing i saw your video thank you so much you help alot of other nationalities like me who loves indian food specifically north indian food 😍😍

  3. I made this today but it is not as soft and tender as I had hope. I wonder if it was because I prepared the dough the night before so it changed the texture? I took it out from the fridge about five hours before cooking it, but the texture is rather dense. Any idea? Thanks.

  4. This actually works!. Used honey instead of sugar. Yogurt and kefir. Heavy pan on top of stove, then under oven grill. Other channels miss out that the baking soda needs to activate the yogurt/kefir and that you need a long prove; 3 hours for me. 👏👏👏

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