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Garlic Butter Steak, Keto Friendly!

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  1. You waited for a long time!! It's finally here, Keto friendly Garlic Butter Steak recipe!!! Even though it's keto finely recipe, I had to eat with rice… LMAO! 😝😂 Hope you guys try this recipe at home this weekend, since it's SUPER EASY ingredients & steps to make it!! Grab the written recipe here -> and get my MERCH to support & join our club!!! New designs for the merch will coming soon too~!! Love you guys~!

  2. Ok, so it took me a second to realize she said grammar (5:07). I thought she said “acting like I didn’t make a mistake on my grandma”….and I’m like, her grandma, what? 😬

  3. I made this with Angus steak thin sliced, broccoli and cauliflower rice. So delicious 😋I don't know how to share a picture but thanks so much!!!

  4. I don’t have soy sauce but i really want this so bad, so i make it, and the soy sauce i replace with sweet soy sauce, and this sooo delicious, yummy !!! My husband eat so much😅 perfect for simple diet recipe , thank you seonkyoung ❤️

  5. The best part of your videos is watching you guys devour your food😁😁😁. Nice to watch hearty eaters- complete w slurps, crunches, lip smacking…..

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