Vegan Recipes

FULL DAY OF EATING VEGAN with EASY RECIPES! What I eat to stay lean!

Here are 3 of my EASY staple meals that I eat to stay lean and feel satisfied all day long! ***Get my CBD from Skara! Use “bianca” to save …

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  1. Impossible to concentrate on what ever it is your presenting, something to do with healthy food i guess. My ears seem to lose all the ability to hear what your saying. Ca 't conce trate, literally.

  2. If you cook the sauce for 2-3 minutes with the pasta leaving a tiny bit of water from the pasta in it the flavor really improves.

  3. Love the simplicity of these meals! So often with vegan meals there are one meal ingredients that are expensive and you can't meal prep with. All these dishes can be reheated or tweaked to whatever you have in hand. 🙌

  4. Thing about veagan is when they use the#2 it smells horrific, like they ate a dead cat or something. I work with 3 and they stank up that restroom everytime, maybe the tofu ingredients has dead cat in it

  5. Now I get it when girls say guys have selective hearing….I have no clue what she is saying and only focusing on how gorgeous she is. She could be swearing at me, talking in another language, telling me my house is on fire and still would not matter. All I would say when she’s done is “I love you” lol

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