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Showing how to make 3 easy and tasty vegan dinners in less than 15 minutes. Hope you like! CONNECT WITH ME ⇣ INSTAGRAM: …

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  1. I’m 14 and I’ve watched your hair videos for so long. I’ve been thinking about going vegan and I saw you pop up. Your vids really inspire me I love the cauliflower pizza recipe will def be trying more.

  2. Can you please add more recipes to your website? Do you have a cookbook? You should create one. These meals are beautiful.

  3. 3:01 apparently this is no longer being sold. Can't find it anywhere via google My feelings are hurt. I was ready to make this sometime this week. 😭

  4. I will definently try that fried rice!! I really liked the idea of the fajitas on the grill.
    I am looking for ideas to make my kids better and healthier foods.
    Loved all your ideas!! Thank you!!👌👍😋🥢🥕🍅🌶🥒🍽😊

  5. I will definitely let you know how it comes out I’m definitely gonna try it sis thank you so much for helping me with my journey I appreciate it♥️😂

  6. this might be a dumb question but for the fried rice is the rice already cooked and then you put it in the pan and fry it w everything? or are you cooking it by putting it to fry in the pan? if that makes sense. like pre cooked before going to fry in the pan or not

  7. Let me just say… I'm not vegan but I did try it for a month or so after watching What the Health. Now I go vegan every other week/month lol but your meals and snacks have been EVERYTHING! I made everything in this video and it was sooooo good! And those Red Hots blue corn tortillas with the Sam's Choice salsa you put for a snack in another video… BOMB AF! Thank you queen! I might can do this long term!

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