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SUBSCRIBE : Sonia Castaneda here! In todays video I am showing you fast and easy healthy breakfast ideas! I try to make 80% of …

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  1. Everyone who says this is unhealthy probably had a sausage mcgriddle and Starbucks for breakfast. Haters gonna hate! Thanks for the video Sonia! You're a great mommy, and cook!

  2. This bitch buys all the gimicky things. She got a ginger bread spatula, Himalayan salt, a separated pancake pan, cage free eggs. Just like my mom XD.

  3. Hi (to all my 100% loyal friends/real family and etc………..)

    Oh and to follow up on my last post about the ESTJ 2w1 girl (13)

    1. Ok and so about the girls thing, well you all know how I am. Like I’d only consistently date 1 girl per month lol
    (But I’d have to find the right now to “consistently date” you get the idea) . And so that’s that.

    2. And like when I said “if I were 18 I’d gladly wait 4+ years”

    I’m for real.

    I’m a 4 (684) I don’t have a 7 dominate in my tritype.
    I’m a 4 and I know my capabilities like what I’m capable of and etc……. so yeah I’m 100% sure that I can do that. And like when she is 18 and when we’re in a real relationship that would apply too……… for 5 years and then like maybe I have freedom and like once every 5 months- 1 year and stuff. (Lol)
    (And she already said yes, so that is good.)

    Oh and yeah, I just wanted to post this to let her know. Lol.

    Thanks for reading! (To all my 100% loyal friends/real family and etc)

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