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Easy + Yummy Tempeh Recipes (Vegan)

Today I’m sharing 3 easy, yummy, unconventional, and totally vegan ways to prepare tempeh! Full recipes for this Sticky BBQ Tempeh, Tempeh Tuna Salad, and …

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  1. Seaweed does NOT have a fishy taste, kombu is used as a base for Japanese miso, sauces etc it adds umami, which enhances all kinds of dishes! Make your own Tempeh, forget store-bought and SUGAR is SUGAR!

  2. This was very helpful. I'm knew to tempeh and am excited to try this. I think the first I will try is the "tuna", then the sticky bbq then the pot roast 😀

  3. The BBQ tempeh tacos were NOT GOOD. It was missing layers of flavor. I added chipotle peppers and cumin for depth but I still think it was missing something. Also, the flavor coated the outside of the tempeh but it didn’t seep deep into the chunks. 10/10 wouldn’t eat again. Edit: It was also my first time eating tempeh so I hope this doesn’t mean I don’t like tempeh at all :/

  4. the best way to cook tempeh is, just slice it, dont do any seasoning (or just dip it in salty water, not too salty for 5 minutes), just fry it, not too dry. and then have it with rice and soy sauce. try it.

  5. This was very helpful; thank you! That last recipe looks DELISH!! I’m not familiar with tempeh at all, so this was extremely useful. I was disappointed (and even shocked) when I went to the grocery store a few days ago only to find even my vegan friendly foods out of stock! (Btw, you KNOW people are panicking from this pandemic if they’re even scooping up vegan meat, milk, and egg alternatives!) I created a post on Nextdoor asking if anyone would like to set up a barter or trade system so everyone has enough food and essentials during our self quarantine because of COVID-19, and someone replied that they had two packages of tempeh they’d like to trade for some of my plant based milk and coffee creamer.

    Again, I appreciate the recipes, and even more so the links to your website so I can look at the list and quantity of each ingredient.
    Now I’m off to check out more of your videos. 😊
    Stay safe, everyone; and please don’t hoard food and supplies that you know you’ll never use. 🙏

  6. Wow! They all look amazing! I don't know which I want to make first. I normally make tuna salad with chickpeas, so I'm excited to try it with tempeh instead. The grilled BBQ tempeh sounds great too. The pot roast looks so good!!

  7. Tempeh so good! Used to have it as a special at a bistro i worked at. Steamed, seared, and served with pickled blueberry bbq sauce and orzo salad! Pro tip: steam until heated through before cooking to tame the cultured taste.

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