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EASY VEGAN SNACK IDEAS » for students (or anyone, really)

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  1. انا بحبك اوى اوى
    انا من مصر إيجيبت…..
    وبحاول اعمل وصفاتك لانى عاوزه اخسر وزن وابقا صحيه لكن بعض خضرواتكم ليس لدينا منها متوفر لكن بحاول

  2. I'm going to make those energyballs right away! I never bake something and I hate cooking, but the past few days I've really wanted to make something sweet. I found this video out of heaven, thank you so much!

  3. Sadia, could you please tell me if ground flax seeds preserve their essential nutrients if you grind them beforehand and keep in a glass jar? I only eat them freshly grated using a hand-mill and this is such a boring minute task for me, and I end up forgetting about this ingredient altogether (((

  4. Hi Sadia! I love your videos! Although am not vegan but I get a lot of ideas and nutrition tips from you 🙂 I am from the middle east and started my own cooking channel, I strive to post healthier recipes and healthier versions of certain dishes, take a look at them. I did an authentic baked falafel recipe if you are interested to see how we get a fluffy falafel head out to my channel!

  5. i want to be vegan so badly, I've been vegetarian for a year now and I can't eat dairy so I'm nearly there but my mum makes me eat eggs because she thinks that if I don't i will die 😂 im very health conscious and I do take supplements for the thinks I may be lacking how do I make my mum let me be vegan, I love the environment and I'm nearly there 😣😣


  6. This is Shlok from India. I am 8 years old and just started watching your videos with my mom. Pick Up Limes is amazing. In your next video, can you please make lemon sorbet? Thank you!

  7. It would be better if you mention the ingredients as text in video too as sometimes people who can't understand your accent face problems as you speak too fast.Just a positive feedback.You have great content.Keep growing 👍🙌😊❤️

  8. I love snacks, but it would be better I quite them so I tend to combine snacks to an actual meal instead of grassing all day . . . I need to eat 5 times a day anyway if I want to have any chance to get everything I need.

  9. when you are even lazier than this, and not have the complete ingrediants for a single recipe and instead of buying them you give up and choose not to eat anything. yeaah i'm a mess, but hey it was nice to watch at least

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