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THESE ARE DELICIOUS. I love sharing good vegan food with you guys..! RECIPES * ALL 100% VEGAN * “Bacon and Egg” breakfast sandwich: 1/4 block of …

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  1. I loveee thoseee 😍
    Im a vegetarian and can't have fish and egg either so this is perfect cuz I love junk food.
    I know you aren't vegan anymore but can you still do some vegan recipes on your channel? Cuz it really inspires me to cook more often

  2. I almost started crying when you used a pair of metal tings to scrape your non stick pan….. 😭😭😭😭😭 that will ruin ur pan in the long run (not trying to be mean… its just that i’ve done it way too many times in the past & ruined all of my pans) – learn from MY mistakes

  3. I would have cut those Tenders in half and then shredded them. I want to make the mac and cheese but I have no elbows right now. I have very little of anything right now because I haven't had a caregiver for a month.

  4. Organic is important because it is never ever never ever vegan! Elizabeth MD Ph.D specialized nutrition science and vegan. If you stopped and thought a minute how organic would be paying the animal cruelty industry great amounts of money and promoting animal cruelty you would not be buying organic anything!

  5. Yummy!!! My kids love Mac n cheese and the vegan boxed ones can cost s pretty penny so thanks for the recipe! Can you do a video on health/medical issues…do u see a plant based Dr? My family and I see our regular drs but they always prescribe RX that leads to other issues. Fortunately we don’t have to go often but just wondering what other vegans do. I hear there’s a network of plant based drs but not many are around me.

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