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  1. Hi! Hello from Mississippi, USA! Just had the pleasure of finding your channel; I have decided to go Vegan. I really enjoy your videos! I believe your recipes will help me tremendously, and you are so funny and adorable. Best Wishes!

  2. I love how simple but awesome your videos are 🙂 just a note – you shouldn't boil miso as it destroys all the good fermented bacteria that makes miso healthy for you and good for your gut. Instead, add it just at the end 🙂 x

  3. Someone needs to make an online company that doesn't overprice items that are easily obtained in local stores for WAY cheaper. I checked out that iHerb place, but jeez… why do people pay so much for that stuff =/. My local Kroger has pretty much all of that for half the price they're selling on there.

  4. With the miso you should actually incorporate it rather slowly in a big spoon like you were stirring. So what you would do is put the miso in the big spoon and put is in the pot with a little of the soup base and wisk/mix it in very slowly. Just thought i'd give you some pointers. 🙂

  5. Heads up from trained pastry chef: Adding water to caramel is unnecessary. The only role it plays is to slow down the cooking process which only matters if you are aiming for a lower temperature than caramel. Basically it completely evaporates and caramel is entirely sugar, not water, unless you add water at the end. If that makes sense.

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