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EASY VEGAN RECIPES FOR BEGINNERS (whole foods plant based, oil-free) // The Gamechangers Recipes


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  1. Hi i am a fan and current subscriber! quick question! Do you have a video on your dressings,condiments you use to make these meals…like staple sauces? So ill know what to buy and how to combine them? 🙏🏼

  2. So the quinoa salad… tasted like nothing to me. I'm assuming is bc I'm so used to all the garbage I've been eating. With all the salt and additives and crap. Is there a way to reset my palate or something 🤔

  3. Hi fellow clean eaters! We vegan and gluten free sisters who are starting out on YouTube! We love sharing our favorite healthy recipes! We’d really appreciate if you gave our channel a look and subscribed to help our little channel grow!💜

  4. New sub here! I love all of your recipes I am on my 5th day plant based! I’m so excited and keeping track of my progress on my channel! On May 1st I’m doing a 30 day plant based update! Thank you for all that you do! 💖 if anyone wants to support me I will return the favor! #plantbasedjourney

  5. Omg that finger! That is not how you hold a knife! Chef Ann would mark you finger red with a sharpie lol. Have to try that quia salad. Looks good

  6. Yeah I’m here with you. 👌🏿😎
    I have a big family it’s 10 (the kids included) of us when we are all together. 3 of us usually on the regular in the house. And I’m the only veggie eater. I don’t understand what is so hard about eating food that taste great and is healthy for you. My mother basically refuses to eat vegetarian although she has health problems and wants to lose weight. Also my brother is the same way.

    I don’t preach to them about the lifestyle change. I simply use purple carrot and cook my food or look for vegetarian meals to cook. They act like eating something vegetarian is so hard. Yet, they eat foods everyday which make them feel bad. (Rant)

  7. If you cook cauliflower for 15-20 min, when they are that small, they the vitamins and minerals are gone. You should add cauliflower a min or 2 before the dish is done. Just my opinion.❤️

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  9. I just finished watching that documentary which is what brought me to this video. Absolutely incredible documentary. I have been wanting to become more plant based for awhile. I’m now 100% on board after watching that!

  10. Great video! Also here because of The Game Changers but been doing research on healthy plant based stuff because my gf recently came back from vacation in Cambodia and while she was there she mostly ate
    Fruits and veggies because she was afraid to eat anything else for fear of getting sick and since she came back she literally can’t eat dairy and her body is also rejecting most processed and fast foods we use to eat all the time! So I decided it’s time I learned to how to implement more plants into our diets but i still love me a medium rare ribeye steak lol.

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