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Easy Vegan Pasta Recipe + what i ate in italy

Here’s my new favorite vegan pasta recipe + what I ate on my trip to Italy. Pizza, pasta and all the vegan ice cream I could find – a quick vegan northern Italy food …

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  1. hey love your recipe videos and your vlogs. Since I'm going to Bergamo this April, could you please tell me the name of the hostel you stayed at? I just love it that they seem to promote sustainability and have different bins for different kind of trash, I'd love to stay at a place like this

  2. Sit the tomatoes in pot & pour in boiling water and let sit. After 10 minutes, drain and then pour in cold water and leave to cool off for 10 mins; the skins will peel off much easier. (Let them cool off, o/wise you'll burn your fingers trying to peel them.) You're welcome.

  3. As a non-vegan, the last time I was in Italy, the BEST meal I had was spaghetti pomodoro. Amazingly fresh tomato sauce with perfectly cooked al-dente pasta. I STILL DREAM ABOUT IT TO THIS DAY

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