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Easy Vegan Meal Prep || Healthy & Delicious

Here are 3 easy, healthy, and vegan recipes that are perfect for Meal Prep for the school or work week! Full recipes are linked below 🙂 ✗ MORE VEGAN MEAL …

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  1. I have TWO recipe suggestions that I hope you make a video for ????. Au Bon Pain has this Butternut Squash and Apple soup that is amazing but they use sweet cream in the recipe so I don’t know what to use in order to substitute that. Also, is there a way to make a vegan version of Oyster Sauce? I use it to give my fried rice that authentic fried rice taste. Now that I’m vegan I don’t know what I should use to sub it with. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE OTHER VIDEOS AND RECIPES ????????

  2. After I discovered you, I watched all of your videos in a few days. Even though I am not a vegan, I incorporated 90% of a vegan diet in my life and I feel a lot better. You make this so fun and not difficult. You should be really proud of yourself, you are making a difference. Hugs from Serbia❤️

  3. I’d love to see some veganized creole recipes! Gumbo, jambalaya, étouffée, red beans and rice! Oooh, and for sweets possibly beignets or since Mardi Gras is near, king cake!

  4. I usually think quinoa is boring, but this actually looks delicious! I might even try it with the mushrooms (I usually exclude them because I'm not a huge fan). Just in time for me to meal prep for this week, too.

  5. Hey Caitlin I just followed the link to the recipe for the chili & I think you accidentally put black beans in it instead of kidney. I can't wait to make it; am going to get the ingredients tomorrow!

  6. Made the quinoa one-pot with zucchini and fake meat instead of asparagus and beans, super delicious!
    Making the chilli today ????

  7. I love your meal prep videos! I am looking forward to making your chili ???? I love how many veggies you added and I appreciate that you try to create exciting dishes that are healthy!

  8. Love all these ideas! Definitely will make all 3 soon – especially those muffins! I love the almond flour/maple syrup combo for the crumble.

  9. I used to meal prep every week for my internship lunch. I would roast cubed sweet potatoes, beets and butternut squash. Delish. I also added some meat on the side and some pasta to keep me full. The beets and potatoes stuck, I still make them every week!

  10. The one pot and quinoa is the recipe I am most eager to try! Might throw in some sweet potato in addition to the mushrooms and asparagus 🙂

  11. Your chili recipe is super similar to mine!! Except instead of that second can of crushed tomatoes, I use tomato juice 🙂 I recommend trying that sometime, it brings a nice tartness to the chili. Sooooo good. Great video I think I gotta make those muffins ????

  12. The muffins are in the oven now. If the batter is any indication of how these will taste then they're going to be delicious and i'll eat every single one in one sitting lol.

  13. i just baked the muffins and it turns out amazing!!! i’m not a vegan but it was fun to try out this~ can’t wait for more recipes hehe!

    btw i used only almond milk (without acv) and substitute apple sauce with greek yogurt!

  14. Pro tip: you want to stir your muffin mix as few times as possible once you've put the liquid in. When the tops of the muffins are cracked that usually means you've overmixed

  15. So I just made the apple cinnamon muffins. I had to make a few changes as I only had coconut flour and not almond flour. I also only had almond milk on hand. They are currently in the oven and can’t wait to try them!! Thank you Caitlin!!!

  16. I had no idea that apparently chilli makes you fart. Given that I love chilli and eat it all the time, I'm not sure what that says about me ????

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