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EASY VEGAN LUNCH IDEAS | bento box lunch ideas | healthy & quick

Easy vegan lunch ideas that are ready in minutes + bento box lunch ideas that are healthy, hearty, and fun, whether for kids or adults. FULL RECIPES available …

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  1. Mmm, these all look so amazing, Nisha! I just love all of your practical, yet delicious ideas. Very helpful for those of use wanting to eat more plant based, but don't know where to start! Your videos are so informative and I always leave inspired to try new things!

  2. Today i made the Avocado Chick pea sandwiches. They were so delicious by wife and i both had 2 of them for lunch. we ate them on a toasted multigrain bread, with vegan mayonnaise spinach and tomatoes. DELICIOUS. Also, I'm adding your Cookbook to my Xmas list.

  3. Tried your Thai Noodle Salad the other day for work, and I have found a new staple for lunch rotation! So easy & YUMMY! The easy Instant Chia Pudding from another video also has entered my rotation…new subscriber here!

  4. They look really delicious. Thanks for putting that together for us. I feel great following a vegan diet, but get into a rut when trying to figure out what to prepare. Your food has lots of variety, and it’s doable.

  5. Cook the tofu! Especially if you’re trying it for the first time! This is why tofu has a bad reputation. Pan fry it in a tiny (2 drops) of sesame oils and some coconut oil and some low sodium soy sauce and garlic powder and onion powder (a lot of the garlic though)

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