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  1. Hey friends! I need your feedback: I've created another version of this video with just the natural sounds of food preparation + music (no voiceover). A lot of you, and myself included, seem to find this very calming/comforting. Find it here: Let me know in the comments of the other video which you'd prefer going forward: A) upload both versions of the video, B) upload just the voiceover version, or C) upload just the food + music version (no voiceover). Thanks for providing your feedback ❤

  2. 2nd (edamame, green onion, cucumbers, purple cabbage, avocado, seaweed, lime, shredded carrots)
    3rd (mushroom, bell pepper, spinach, ground beef/beans, taco spice, canned corn, canned tomato sauce, avocado, lime)

  3. Everything looks pretty but I am doubtful of the the taste. How can you eat raw spinach or any vegetable raw. It would taste bitter. Vegans foods dont have to be less than half cooked.

  4. My husband isn't vegan, but he happily eats meatless meals quite often. I just had my two year mark on May 25, 2020! He loves sushi, so I think I'll try that dish on him! The other bowl looks very tempting! Something I'm picking up from your videos is that I need to pay more attention to presentation and mindfully putting ingredients together for my meals. That is what I will focus on going forward because I've found myself in a boring routine lately.

  5. Could anyone please tell me a way to hide watching her face?
    I cannot keep my eyes and ears working at the same time, I mean it.
    Sorry, if it sounds stupid.

  6. I love all ur vdos n especially ur receipies but a lot of times … I don’t find those same ingredients here in India… can you help with some substitutes

  7. Hey I know you probably get this a lot but PLEASE don’t use agave it’s terrible for the environment and it creating a decline in Bat populations! Honey isn’t bad for bees and is actually harvesting and farming bees is the best way to keep their population alive and thriving! If you don’t want unethical farming then buy locally I will literally send you honey from my grandparents bee farm ❤️

  8. Hi! I love your page. You do fabulous work. I have a question about the golden glow dressing. I followed the recipe to a T, but mine is no where near as runny as yours. Or that colour. Mine is a very bright mustard colour from the turmeric. Only thoughts is that my lemon wasn’t as big as yours. Any suggestion?

  9. Hi Sadia, it's been a while that i have started following you.. your videos no doubt are very inspiring and motivating..for lot of people like me who are on the healthier side of life.. I would like to thank you first for all that energy your way of recipes have brought into me..
    Here , I just wanted to enquire about that white deep pans which you use.. they should be aluminium or indalium with a ceramic coat on it if I am not wrong. Could you please clarify on this.. offlate I have been using either steel or iron cookware.. hope you would share your inputs on this if any..

  10. Sadia, we made your Autumn Glow Nourish Bowl with a couple of alterations based on what we had on hand and you are the literal sauce queen! I couldn't believe how delicious that tahini dressing was. This will definitely be added to our rotation – thank you!

  11. Love your recipes and videos, they are so calming..but when I see you cut the halved avocado in your hand with that sharp knife I get stressed..ha hold and cut it on a cut sheet or board when you do that..bless you and I watch all of your vids!!

  12. I have made the first and second nourish bowl and the sushi one is my favorite! The dressing is spot on! Instead of edamame I opted to press, bread and fry some bite-size tofu (organic), and used black rice instead of brown. I then sprinkled the whole thing with furikaki!🤤

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