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Easy spaghetti Carbonara recipe – healthy and super quick – vegan -The Happy Pear & Tim Shieff

This is a super easy spaghetti carbonara recipe. We teamed up with the wonderful Timothy Shieff, World Parcour champ and vegan athlete to make a yummy …

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  1. Hey such a great combination 3 handsome guys and good food what more can you want. I will definitely try this pesto made with cabbage and cashews, I will leave out the oil and add a little coconut oil or creamed coconut, which has a little oil in it. If needed I would add a little or soy milk. Coconut oil and coconut cream is better for you than sunflower oil. Thank you for such a great pasta dish. 😉😉

  2. Oh yes PLEASE! This looks deeelicious. And honestly, these pears make me grin from ear to ear with their happy energy, even if I am having a bad day. Thank you so much guys, for the inspiration, the recipe and the smiles! 🙂

  3. guys! great recipe and good vibes in the video. but this is more of a spaghetti al pesto ;-). vegan pasta carbonara with hummus and smoked tofu-stripes would be killer I suppose! cool you hangin' out with tim, he's a great guy!

  4. What's the red stuff in there before you sprinkle the chilli flakes on? Is it a red pepper? Looks delish but definitely a festive dish, so much oil 😀 Long live The Happy Pear and Tim Shieff!

  5. I tried it by using broccoli and it tastes good. However the sauce is too dense so I should try to use the cabbage next time. Thank you for your recipe. 🙂 can't wait to see more!


  6. Love your energy and positive vibe guys!  Great looking recipe too…can't wait to try it!  Thanks Tim Shieff for bringing me here!  I just finished binge watching all of your videos! 😉

  7. Ah lads, another winner! I've just had this for dinner, made wirh kale and it was delicious. Plus I've loads left for lunch tomorrow which is great because the oil content is pretty high so at least it's spread out! Can you freeze the pesto? Thanks again, I'm off yo try the raspberry sorbet now!!

  8. Hi Guys,
    I saw your stand? at Body & Soul but I was working a lot and didn't get a chance to stop by for any food.
    Are you going to the Electric Picnic by any chance?
    If so; I'll be sure to call in.

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