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Easy One Pan Breakfast Skillet | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

If you need breakfast ideas this one pan breakfast skillet recipe is ridiculously easy – just sayin’… SUBSCRIBE: | MERCH: …

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  1. splash of Tabasco sauce on that bite dude " bam " makes the eggs just more jammy; or for even bigger bam, use the Chipotle Tabasco sauce "ba-bam"

  2. Noticed the type of oil you use and was wondering if you've ever used Grape seed oil in your cooking. I personally found after surviving Pancreatic Cancer that my body can't process most high smoke point oils like Lard, Vegetable, Avocado, Canola, Peanut oil & low smoke point oils like olive oil. I had to really do a deep dive study, through trial and error, and trips to emergency room when I was figuring all this out, that the only oil my body could handle was Grape seed. I learned that when an oil starts to smoke, it becomes a carcinogen, a cancer causing poison that I'm then going to throw or mix my food into!!! I think not!! So I started using Grape seed oil and I absolutely love it! When ya cook with it all you are smelling is the food your cooking because it really has no smell and when you taste your food all your tasting is the food that you cooked because it's a tasteless oil, so you get this incredible burst of cleanness from your vegetables. Plus it's naturally low carb and an antioxidant to boot.

    Okay that's my Grape seed oil spill… plug… promo!
    So have you ever cooked with it before?

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