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We’re making two quick & easy vegan soup recipes that are healthy! We’re using an Instant Pot to make these vegan recipes which makes them super quick and …

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  1. Hi Alyssa! Made your lentil chili….delicious….best chili recipe I have ever tasted…didn't change a thing! Have made your coconut mushroom soup twice….absolute favorite! Your recipes are awesome….have tried three of them now…plan to try many more! Thank you so much for this awesome site…and love having new instapot recipes.

  2. The coconut mushroom soup is awesome! Can’t stop eating it! Only changes I made were using coconut oil in place of olive oil and arrowroot starch in a slurry at end of cooking to thicken…no flour. Thank you so much for posting this recipe….will be making this often….new favorite! Next I will try your lentil Chile. Please keep posting instapot recipes.

  3. i'm hesitant to buy an instant pot because i saw a lady who's instant pot exploded and left her with 3rd degree burns ): but boy is it tempting. esp that 2 minute soup like wow

  4. I have an instant pot and going to try both of these recipes. Mushroom soup is one of my all time fav’s and I have a dairy intolerance. Thanks for the great recipes. More instant pot recipes please. Love love love my instant pot.

  5. Love the lentil chili! 
    I've been debating an instapot for a year. So far, when I watch instapot videos, I'm not seeing a huge time saver. By the time it comes to pressure and depressurizes, the mushroom soup would be done stove top. It's an hour and 10 min in the oven for beans and that's if I don't soak them. I do cook beans every week so not turning on the oven in the summer would be a bonus. IDK, the instapot and a vitamix have been in and out of my shopping carts for over a year.
    Maybe seeing someone make a non-soy yogurt would push me over that hump 😉

  6. I like a thicker soup so I would probably take a cup or two of the mushroom soup, purée it, then add it back in. I think that would work out well.

  7. Hello,
    I am a new Subbie. I recently began to take control of my health and decided to try a primarily plant based diet. I'm allergic to coconut. Is there anything I can substitute for coconut milk in recipes? Anyone who has any ideas please help. I love Thai food and similar recipes that require coconut milk! Thank you (all) in advance. Peace and safety.

  8. Hi there!
    Amazing vlog you have! We are a whole food plant-based advocate and love how you tried to incorporate healthy plant-based food here. Your vlog is inspiring and motivating and we'd like to see if we can collaborate together. We try to promote a healthy&happy lifestyle as you do and looking forward to hear from you at DM ! 🙂

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