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If you like healthy recipes like these and are looking for more help with getting in shape, take my free body type quiz and learn what diet and training is best for …

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  1. Whoa that looks good and healthy. I'm thinking of buying your fitness program. EDIT: I also liked how easy it was to make and how the steps was put into the video. Thanks for putting song on description as well.

  2. I was wondering if the meal plan had a Vegetarian options My main problem is always my diet and none of these plans seem to help because none portray to my diet

  3. Hi I joined your program a few days ago and I’m starting tomorrow although I’m greatly struggling with the meal plan part and was wondering if there’s anyway that you could possibly maybe make a video on it to help out others that are struggling as well I’m not good with carb cycling I don’t know fancy terms and I can’t seem to get my meals to add up to calories that I need per day so In other words I’m not good with calorie counting either.
    If you could make a video and go a little bit more in depth about how to create a meal plan and stay on top of it I would really appreciate it

  4. Is there anyway that you could make a video about cheat meals- why are they good or bad and how many times you should have it and all of that
    Thank you!!:)

  5. But how do you know how much protein your getting in each serving and isn’t that a lot of fat 5 grams of fat and 6 grams of protein and maybe a about 2.5 carbs I’m just estimating sorry just saying

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