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Easy Grilled Chicken Tacos (w/ Avocado Cream Sauce) | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

I’ll show you how to make grilled chicken tacos w/ this super easy recipe – you’re gonna LOVE them! SUBSCRIBE: | MERCH: …

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  1. You can buy magnetic spice jars and put them on the surface of your fridge for easy access. I like the gneiss spice brand, although they are expensive.(comes with labels as well)

  2. I’m Mexican. Never seen this taco before. I loved it. Yes, I’m in quarantine right now and I missed the tacos from the puestos of my neighborhood, but this taco is amazing. Love your videos.

  3. Comment of what somebody had to say about you that was real nasty and rude I just want to say you keep doing your thing I love you I've learned so much from you and fuck that guy he don't know shit since I've been watching you it's brought my family closer together I love you brother

  4. I dnt know if you would reply to this comment . Am a big fan of ur cooking videos . This lockdown made me make so many of ur dishes and each one them well explained and the way u explain them is marvelous. Cnt thank you enough for helping us make such good food .

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