Easy Greek Salad Recipe

This quick, easy, and DELICIOUS Greek salad is chock full of cucumber, tomatoes, feta, and Kalamata olives all brought together with a tangy lemon herb …

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  1. We Greeks love our oregano!!! Just started watching and when i saw the recipe i thought oh okay let's see if they do it right… And it looks soooo amazing!!!♥️🇬🇷

  2. I have been craving this salad the past four days, unfortunately my grocery stores are out on majority of the ingredients I need to make this because of panic shoppers emptying shelves. Great time to be pregnant with cravings 😞

  3. I made this and I found it soo delicious and my whole family loved it 😁😁😁Red onion complements the dish without giving an overpowering onion taste and the feta cheese tops off the vegetables. The dressing is on point and really does provide an enticing taste. Also, I'm 12! Which just shows how easy to make it is, definitely recommend this quick, easy, inexpensive and healthy dish to anyone who's struggling what to make for tea. 11/10

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