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Easy Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter Guide – Part 1

Are you ready to make a gluten-free sourdough starter? This easy 7-day step-by-step guide by Chantal from Fresh is Real will help you create a natural wild …

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  1. I followed your recipe and my bread came out delicious!! Thank you! Someone asked if they could have some of my starter. If I gave them some, how should they feed it to create enough for bread and extra? Thanks!

  2. Thank you for your video!
    I have a question, I accidentally made a starter I think
    2 days ago I put buckwheat with water in my blender to make a mixture to make pancakes and I forgot about it and its been in my blender for two days and it has a lot of bubbles. Could it be already ready ? Thanks

  3. Can I use regular packaged gluten free flour? I'm on day 4 and nothing is happening. Can I do something with it now or start over? Thanks.

  4. Thank you for making this so easy to follow. Other videos make it seem more like a lab experiment. One video said, "You must measure in milligrams." Thanks for making it so clear.

  5. Hello, I'm on day 6 and I don't think things are turning out well. I've poured off the liquid all the days.. I've poured out (over 6 days) probably 1.5 cups of starter I'm not even to day 7 and I couldn't fit anymore into the quart jar. I downloaded your Easy GF Sourdough Starter 3 page handout and followed that… it's 6 cups of water and 6 cups of flour (1/2 c flour 1/2c water 2x a day) and it's really not would I would expect of find the consistency and smell. It's got a "sour" smell, and perhaps it's different because its rice.. but not what I expected. There are almost no bubbles and the "starter" is the consistency of pancake batter. What am I doing incorrectly? I did notice in THIS video above, you say put a QUARTER (1/4) cup of water and rice flour and not the 1/2 listed in the recipe. Please advise if you think this can be salvaged. I went to "contact" on your webpage to send a note and photo, but there is actually NO contact info… hahaha. Thank you in advance.

  6. Hi, thanks for sharing some of your insightful findings. I have been playing around with teff and hemp starters for sometime now. Whilst I love the teff, it didn't work well with my digestion unfortunately. The hemp is working well. I have been a little bit slack with my starter and feeding it around once a day. It has bubbles under the surface. I'm going to give the hemp starter a go with your recipe. I found myself late last night getting step 1 together. I really think what you have achieved is amazing! Thanks for sharing. Sometimes you feel like you are going crazy with all the options. I found my doughs are more like batters. I think my cooking technique has let me down. Too soon out of the over; not hot enough; cut the bread too soon. All of this contributes to a sad outcome. Feel like I am narrowing it down now..

    thanks again.
    Lynne Tasmania

  7. Is it normal that buckwheat sourdough starter has a pinkish colour? I heard that pink or yellow means bad bacteria πŸ™ is your buckwheat starter also pinkish after few days?

  8. I'm on day 3 of making my starter and realized that my jar was too small. I transferred it into a bigger jar and as soon as i did it all the bubbles that were forming popped πŸ™ will this still work or should i start all over?

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