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Easy Dinner Recipe – Spam Recipe

I really hope you guys like this recipe! This is one of my family recipes as a kid that I thought I’d share with you all. It’s simple & easy for any weeknight dinner.

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  1. How about a mashup by combining the Spam, tomatoes and corn from the skillet to the mac and cheese in the pot. Then pour into a baking dish, top with more cheese and bake until heated through. Serve with a simple side salad and you have a balanced meal.

  2. Word of advice, maybe add frozen corn because canned corn has a very high sodium content as well as the spam, you maybe adjust to remove all that sodium content that’s a whole lot of salt.

  3. Definitely going to try the Mac n cheese. I think the spam would be great over rice, I make a similar recipe however I use green beans instead of corn. I’ll have to try this too. Thanks.

  4. spam is a war time tinned something…for people with little money and no taste buds…spam in a can should stay in the can and then bury it so time can forget it.

  5. U no what some one send me pecture spam its a fat bum of a died person ,it’s really make me sick guess from it’s so yak it’s not going to help my appetite I work in age care really make sick to say any spam

  6. Is this a recipe that was passed down from your mom or dad? My dad makes something similar with the spam, but he adds salsa pato. And its literally a hearty meal that feels like home lol. He used to make it for my siblings and i when my mom didnt cook dinner

  7. oh dang valerie hi 🤗🤗🤗🤗. i was waching random vidz and youtube recommended this video. i was noy paying attention i just saw the word spam. as soon as i heard the voice i was like “ wait i know this voice !!!!!
    “ 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  8. I had Spam several years ago in Hawaii thinking it was like canned ham. After I looked at the ingredients on the can I nixed it as something I would never use as food.

  9. Sorry but that spam dishes is a little off. I think it is too watery. Maybe drain your corn. No need for water..add more tomato sauce or a can of diced tomatoes and let the tomato juice cook down.. just a suggeston!

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