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EASIEST Chicken Recipe EVER!! With Calorie Info for Gym Diet | Chicken Sokha

SUPER easy, amazingly tasty, Really HIGH in protein. AWESOME for Gym goers! Qna Video: Tips for Perfect …

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  1. Not kidding. I have tried many recipes from youtube and this is the first one which turned out to be perfect. (others were semi-edible or less). Thanx alot 🤘

  2. This specific diet plan known as “Kοnοnοz yyd” (Google it) is very quick to adhere to. I exercise each day and then make an attempt to follow balanced and healthy diet, although I had been trapped in my weights. With this specific guidebook within 3 weeks, I shed 10 lbs I wished , I truly feel with strength and I control my very own cravings. It truly feels superb! .

  3. Healthy food doesnt involve oil and surely not refined oil. Our used engine oils are better than refined oil. Prefer to use cold pressed oils if hou really want to use out

  4. Oh wow! I’m learning to cook, and am so glad I came across this Recipe! It’s easy and most importantly delicious 🙂 Made it this evening and I’m so happy that my parents liked it (I feel they like whatever I make because they love me and want to encourage me ❤️), but I tried it, and it was really yum! Thank you so much Pahul (I found your name as I was scrolling down the comments 🙂), and I look forward to making more of your recipes 😄 Esther 😊

  5. I just cooked this dish right now in quarantine at 1230 am and I would say one thing for sure it came really close to mutton burra! Yes it's quite resembling once you add lemon to it. Hats off to you for this simple sophisticated and classy recipe.

  6. Sir your way of explaining is very good however please change your kadhai as I see that your non-stick pan cotting had worn out and if you use this it's not good for health. Sorry for writing this.. please don't feel bad . I said it for your well being.

  7. What a coincidence sir…I was watching the Thermodynamics video in ur channel catalysis mom was cooking chicken so just randomly typed cooking chicken in healthy manner n what do i find….Pahul sir

  8. Don't say it is a healthy diet. I appreciate your effort but you have no idea what is a healthy diet for fitness. You r using too much of seasoning.. Rhat is not good at all.

  9. For those who wanted to know why chicken is softer when frozen and thawed.

    Freezing makes the chicken tender because the water forms a tetrahedral cage structure when it freezes and expands, bursting the cells of the chicken muscle. That makes it tender when thawed, and it also juicy.

    Paaji knows this I know, so it's not for him 😊

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