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DUMP AND GO Instant Pot Recipes | easy vegan instant pot meals

Dump and Go Instant Pot recipes that are perfect for lazy days, busy weeknights, or whenever you want a hearty, wholesome meal with minimal effort. All recipes …

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  1. It's starting to get hot, so these instant pot recipes are well timed! I'm excited to make these because I don't want to hear my house. Thank you!

  2. I wonder about the cooking time you specify for the last dish with brown rice. When I cook brown rice by itself in the Instant Pot, I do it for 23 min. plus natural release.

  3. I made the sweet potato curry tonight and served it over jasmine rice. It was amazing! Best thing is that I have plenty of leftovers to have for the next few days.

  4. You like to cook. I like to eat and am vegan. Made the mistake to watch this while fasting on sabbath. I need a wife like this! lol. Marry me!!!

  5. I've been on the fence about this InstaPot for a while but your recipes and ease with which you use it have me considering it again. Keep the great recipes coming….I can always swap out the coconut milk for another non-dairy source.

  6. Are there other recommendations for replacing fennel? My grocery stores don’t carry that. I would love to try the third recipe.. looks super delicious!

  7. Delicious !
    Loved this one . Can you also please show us how you take care of your chopping board ? How to clean and maintain it to prolong its life ?

  8. Thank you for this meal prep plan. Most of the ones I’ve seen have been making an actual dish rather than the parts. The best part is I have everything but enough kale right now to make this.

  9. Hi Nisha, thank you for your amazing work ! Do you think there will be an ebook version of your cookbook ? It's really handy to have a cookbook on your phone while cooking.

  10. Thanks for the recipes! I love your YouTube channel and your cookbook. I'm going to try the sweet potato recipe today. All the grocery stores are wiped due to coronavirus panic, so I'm so happy I happen to have all the ingredients 😅

  11. Really nice video. The title implies a quick recipe. Soaking beans overnight isn't always convenient for me. Would canned beans get too mushy? If so is there a way to add the beans at the end?

  12. your recipes just float my boat …they all look so yummy…thanks for the tip with the burn sign as i did wonder why it says burn when funnily enough tomatoe paste n tomatoes ha ha genius …thankyou 🤗 gonna have to make all of these …🙂🙂

  13. I would like to thank you for all your recipes and suggestions on how to save on shopping. Most of the meats are sold out in my city, so it was good that I was following more of a vegetarian diet since I've been following you. While most of my friends are freezing whatever meats they got their hands on, I'm like "I'm good. Got lots of grains and beans at home !"

  14. Thank you for these awesome recipes. Funny story, I usually rate the food I make off of three criterias: taste, texture, and how many dishes do I have to wash preparing it. Haha

  15. These recipes look delicious! The tip about adding tomatoes and tomato paste last (on top and not stirred in) is golden. Thank you so much for sharing with us! 💕

  16. Thank you for this great vegan instant pot video! I’m surprised that the last recipe only called for 12 minutes of cooking time with soaked dried-chickpea?! Is that enough time to ensure they’re plump and soft on the inside?!

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