Here’s an easy, budget friendly way to make an expensive looking dessert table! GENDER REVEAL PREP VLOG: LINKS White …

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  1. Beautiful!! What did you use to pinch the table cover in the middle??

    And where did you get the letters hanging over the cake table?

    Love this video ♥️

  2. Thank u so much for sharing your video when I saw how u just drizzle that whit chocolate or frosting on the cookies I thought omg that’s what I’m doing now I was just going go buy simple plane cookies and place them on a tray

  3. Le estoy haciendo una mesa a mi mamá que cumple 60 CHICAAA OMG THANK YOU LIKE COMO VOY A OLVIDAR EL ARROZ CON LECHE AGHHHH me encanta también que hay opciones sin gluten ya que mi mamá es gluten free ❤️ thank you totally gonna try these out

  4. did you rent that pole that you use for the curtain? i dont want to buy that stand if its expensive. do you have any recommendation how to put curtain on for my back drop without using that poles?

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