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Dietitian Reviews HEALTHY CRAZY COOL What I Eat In A Day

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  1. I had just commented about those chocolate oranges! I do not like the taste, I think they are too sweet, but I have nostalgia attached to it. My dad would bring them home when he'd have to travel for work because I don't think they sell them year 'round in our area. My sister and i would have to put them in the fridge because it would take us too long to eat them since they were so sweet we couldn't finish them in one sitting.

  2. i'm as curious as everyone else as to why Abbey cut out all the other things he ate, and now i'm curious to know how many snacks she may have cut out from other youtubers videos… but I also recognize that he definitely misrepresented her and her messages in his 'welcome to your tape' video. I enjoy his content and I think he's got good intentions, but he very clearly doesn't understand the core principles of IE and used that to support his argument 'against' her (I use that word loosely since there was no malice). his point about you cutting out the fruit is valid, but that's all he's got.

  3. I have been vegan for 2 years (and vegetarian for 10) and I SO wish I had found Healthy Crazy Cool before last year. Miles is by far the #1 person who has taught me how amazing a vegan diet truly is. <3 I used to come on Youtube all the time and find these elaborate, super precise meals and then Miles came along and taught me hey- all you have to do is buy a mega bowl, add greens, and create a crazy nutrient powerhouse meal including any ingredients you want! No expensive foods necessary. No hour long meal preps. Just pure fun and healthiness. I eat like him majority of the time now and it has made veganism an amazing experience for me. I don't watch "diet review" type videos like this, but I wanted to comment because you're addressing my favorite vegan Youtuber ever. Miles is an incredible asset to the vegan community and we love him! <3 <3 <3

  4. Glad people are finally calling out how shit this content really is, you judging people's diet with no intention to help them and clearly just for views is pathetic, also 13:54 are you fucking serious why did it need to be that explicit? You seem to be on the scale of orthorexia and yet think it's a good idea to give advice and "review" other peoples diets? This isn't educational it's begging for views off naive people

  5. His protien options are repetitive but some people eat chicken in different way every single day 😂
    Growing up we had fried chicken, baked chicken, roasted chicken, chicken in soup, chicken In salad, grilled chicken, bbq chicken, curried chicken, chicken riding on a chicken, chicken chicken chicken!!!!

  6. why is she leaving fruit he ate out of the video and talking about how he feels about other people's diets? I thought this was about his

  7. I honestly don’t understand people bashing Abbey so much. Thanks to her I have a much healthier relationship with food and I am so grateful for all the advice she puts out. To say that she picks apart peoples diet is so wrong in my opinion. She just suggests a balanced meal so we can feel satiated. Since I now have a better understanding of what a balanced meal looks like, I feel much more relaxed with my meals without beating myself up if one of them once in a while is not super balanced. Also Abbey clearly promotes fruits and vegetables, but also encourages us to eat other foods as well. How is that problematic? And maybe she left out the fruit part because by now the viewers could know what type of eating Abbey promotes. An excessive amount of fruit is just not very clever. When I started trainsitioning to a plant-based diet I watched videos of high carb vegans and thought to myself: If thats how I‘ll have to eat I am just not going plant-based. The information on this channel has literally saved me from following stupid diets and although I love fruit, it should be obvious that too much sugar, even if it’s from healthy fruits, is not that healthy. How is that difficult to understand? Abbey is litteraly not prescribing a certain diet but gives such excellent advice on how to try out different things to find what works best for everyone. I don’t even know Abbey personally, but recent comments make me so mad and I just feel the need to say something.

  8. wow i could never eat or make that much food in one day when would i have time for anything else lol and when would even digest all this you'd be on the toilet all day lmao

  9. Abby I have one question – why do you advertise added vitamins and minerals when there is little evidence to show they are absorbed by the body. Also in diet reviews you criticise people taking vitamins in place of a nutritious meal – isnt this a conflict of message?

  10. Glad you like Mile’s videos. I do too. I wish you shared his entire content instead of making this dishonest video. I really think that piggybacking off of veganism is gross and you shouldn’t get to make money off of our community when you contribute nothing. Judging other people who ho are making their own content is lazy at best. Yeah, you have a pretty background and sometimes you should like you know what you’re talking about but I think the gig is just about up. You clearly make some big errors in recommending changes to diets because they don’t involve specific foods. You aren’t calculating the macros in these meals and it shows. From one health professional to another, this is unprofessional and I’m not here for it anymore. Stop using veganism to make money. Make your own content and stop judging other people.

  11. @abbeysharp I think he means when he says “black hole” is that the fruit isn’t feeling so you eat and you eat and all you think about is eating. I followed freelee at one point when I was younger and this is how I felt when I tried being a fruitarian. Now I know better 😂

  12. How the hell is YouTube allowing her to continue he stupid content? Like honestly this is just so bad I can't even explain how terrible this is. I try and close my eyes for a moment to realize that this is actually real THE WOMEN ACTUALLY JUDGES OTHER PPLS FOOOOD for a freaking living!!!!!! Who does that? Is it really ok? I feel like this channel is just terrible ESPECIALLY with ppl who have disordered eating habits. I'm so shocked of how she has the guts to actually DOES THIS. I mean really is this JUST ME?

  13. Abbey not so sharp can’t hide from the truth now. Why’d you cut out the fruit abbey? Is getting promoted by brands and getting money more important that putting out the right information. You say you’re for intuitive eating, yet you’re only okay with it as long as there’s no fruit involved. You’d rather promote an unhealthy amount of protein, and junk food. I can’t believe people actually take advice from you.

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