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DELICIOUS vegan summer buddha bowls! {easy & healthy 7 recipes}

It’s been so hot I’ve been eating so many juicy delicious vegan summer buddha/salad bowls I wanted to share some of the easy vegan recipes with you guys on …

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  1. Thanks for making these videos. They inspire me to try new recipes and help keep me motivated to eat healthily on my recently embarked plant based journey
    Cheers Stew 😊

  2. God gives everybody a calling. I believe that yours is to spread the news of the riches of food from his earth. Im a nurse, I try to get people to eat better because we know medication for illnesses cost more than eating healthy and preventing disease. Stay blessed.

  3. It was like she read my mind when she was talking about the eggplant. I was literally repeating the word aubergine in order to type it into google, then she goes eggplant if you are in the US.

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