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DELICIOUS 20-minute meals » vegan + healthy

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  1. Hey Sadia! Love these recipes! I know I’ve asked in another video but what brand is the frying pan you’re using in this video? It’s beautiful. Thank you!!

  2. Hi Sadia. I notice that a couple of your videos have peanut butter as an ingredient. Do you make peanut butter by yourself? Could you make a video about it or share with us your fav peanut butter recipe please? 😄

  3. We made the mushroom spinach curry and it was out of this world 😍
    I added bamboo shoots, white pepper, and lots of kosher salt. It’s one of our favorite dishes now! If you like your veggies softer, cover the pot while it cooks. Also, take it off the heat and let all the flavors come together before diving in for at least 5 minutes.

  4. Je suis toutes vous vidéo j'aime énormément le seul souci c'est que je ne comprends pas votre langue donc si vous pouviez essayer de sous-titré en français merci

  5. Just made your peanut veggie noodle stir-fry and it was delicious! I used whole wheat pasta since that was all I had and I love it! Your recipes never disappoint 🙂

  6. first time I tried sriracha sauce – and it was a winner, as was the delicious recipe of yours (first one in the vid). So thanks for a great meal! Definitely going to taste more of your recipes..

  7. You do love a bell pepper ! hahah
    Noticed it since I've been watching your videos everyday for a week already… Love your channel! And currently transitioning to a healthier diet… Thanks to you and Gaz Oakley. 🙂

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