Deli Style Tuna Pasta Salad

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  1. Hi Laura, this is out of left field (for the recipe in the video) but I have a question! There is this discontinued cookie that seems will never be made again and I want that cookie. So I have been trying to recreate it but I haven't been able to. One name of the cookie is Hippodrome (Salerno) and another name is Picadilly (Rippin' Good). You cannot even find a picture of this cookie on the internet anywhere (or I can't). It is a delicate sandwich cookie (soft coconut cookie possibly) with 2 rows of marshmallow and raspberry jelly in the middle, lightly dusted with coconut on the outside on the marshmallow. Would you pleaaassssssse consider making these cookies?

  2. Mmmmm yummm omg wow looks simply amazing and really colorful too I might wanna try this for shavout (Jewish holiday which means festival of weeks) and also perfect for spring and summer thanx so much for sharing Laura luv have a really great awesome sweet weekend cheers

  3. What are those real dark cherry tomatoes with the color almost of a plum? Does anyone know the name of those tomatoes? They are my absolute favorite, so sweet and delicious and I want to plant some.

  4. Hi Laura! LOVE you and your channel so much. You are THE BEST. Can you show us how to make Hot Oil Pizza, the famous pizza from Colony Grill in Connecticut? It's this amazing crunchy, thin crust cheese pizza made with this amazing spicy oil. I've been trying to find a recipe everywhere! <3

  5. I learn something everyday and today you taught me to use the inside of the celery head for salads. Love it and you!! Hugs from Indiana.

  6. “The world is your pickle, boo. You do you.” ????

    In all seriousness, I will be using this motto with my 1year old daughter! So cute and so much truth! ????

  7. ???? this twist on tunapasta salad!!!
    (i have to have pickles on mine)
    Its looks delicious , gonna try , just like that greenbeanarugula salad! Love your recipes. ????????????????????????????

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