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Day 22 | 7 Day Healthy South Indian Breakfast Ideas | Weight Loss Breakfast/ Dinner Recipes in Tamil

Hi Friends, today I have shared healthy breakfast or dinner recipes. South Indian breakfast or dinner recipes for weight loss. Email me for any queries or …

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  1. Day 22: Morning jeera water Bf : 2 dosai with garlic chutney Brunch : Buttermilk Lunch : rice with sambar, rasam, vegetables Evening : Jeera water Dinner : 1 red banana Walking : 20mts Water : 4ltr

  2. Hai sis ennoda first comment sis na unga video weight loss panna start panna sis 70 days la na 5.2 kg reduce aagi irukku sis starting la en weight 74.8kg aana ippo 69.6kg i AM so happy thank u for UR motivation speech 8 shape walking my excerise

  3. Day22:Mrn-detox water, bf-idly-3 with keerai kootu, 12pm-Ragi kool mixed with buttermilk. Lunch-veg biriyani, onion raita, potato fry, keerai, mango pachadi. Evn-1/2cup tea, sweet small piece, murukku-1(after long time) . Dinner-Veg biriyani(little). Surya namaskar- ting abs and full body workout-30mins. Walking 1hr 15mins

  4. Mrg;hot Water
    Jeera water
    Bf;horsegram dosai cucumber
    Mid mrg; sathukodi butter milk
    Lunch; millet rice sambar cabbage Eve; Black sundal
    Dinner;milk wheat 🍞
    10K steps
    30minits excise

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