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COPYCAT Original Coney Island Hot Dog Meat Chili Sauce Recipe

This copycat Coney Island hot dog meat sauce recipe is so easy and delicious. The chili meat sauce has a nice fine texture and a nice balance of flavors.

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  1. You are so right. This is delicious. I made it for the 3rd time but I made a couple of changes. I left the Cheyenne Pepper out because it is still plenty spicy enough and also added 2tsps of potato starch to 4 TSBP of the water in a separate cup, mixing it well. Toward the end of the cooking I mixed the starch and water again and added it to the sauce mixing good while cooking the sauce down to the consistency I wanted it. The reason I did this is I can heap the Coney sauce up on the hotdog and don't have to worry about an oversize bun so the sauce don't fall out anymore.

    Please don't feel insulted because of the changes I made because I make changes to almost 100% of the You Tube recipes because I'm a really picky eater.

  2. Wow, so that's how its brought together. Started out ugly, but the finished product looks delish. One question: Can this be cooked in a crockpot also? Thanks for posting.

  3. Can you show us the best original Kung Pao Chicken with no vegies just peanuts? The best part of this recipe is the sauce. Kindly please show us. Thank you!

  4. Wow does that sauce ever look good! I have wanted a really good coney sauce for a long time. Tried a few, but none like this one. And the beauty is one can cut back on the spice if need to. I definitely am going to try this, I just love a good coney dog. Thank you Tess….. Hugs. Claudia

  5. I love hot dogs with mustard chili & onions. I've never seen chili made this way by mixing water with the ground beef then everything else. It turned out so nice. You took me to school today Tess. I'm gonna make this and like you said up front…you won't believe how easy this is. You were right. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. This looks amazing!
    I always cook ground beef with a little water to make the amount stretch for spaghetti meat sauce, sloppy Joes, and sos gravy.
    Yes, now I want a Coney with cheese and onions!

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